Agenda for the ERP Transformation Masterclass

1. Introduction and context

  1. Goals, agenda and logistics

  2. What’s the most effective mindset for today?

2. What is the right business strategy?

  1. What’s the current state of your organisation, your company culture and your markets?

  2. What do your current and future customers expect from you and your organisation in the near future?

  3. Why is it so necessary these days to become a more customer-focused organisation?

  4. How can you find a business model that adds maximum customer value?

  5. How can you learn why you win and why you lose today? How does that relate to your current processes?

  6. How can you further improve the happiness of your customers, employees and partners?

  7. What is the role of your senior management in these processes?


3. How can technology help you?

  1. What exactly is ERP? And what are the benefits for my organisation, employees and customers?

  2. What determines project success? And which skills and mindsets are needed to achieve that success?

  3. Do you want to adapt the ERP software to your processes and organisation? Or rather the other way around?

  4. Are you opting for standard software or do you prefer a customised ERP solution?

  5. Do you aim for a 'stand-alone' ERP solution or a complete platform including ERP?

  6. Do you aspire to select just an ERP tool? Or are you looking for partners to achieve long-term project success?

  7. What have you learned from your previous ERP projects that you can re-use?

Lunch break

4. What do you want to achieve?

  1. What is the Why behind this project? And what SMART business goals do you want to achieve?

  2. How important is this project for your organisation, really? How passionate are you together to achieve success?

  3. Why are clear project goals so important? Learn from effective and non-effective goals

  4. Do you just want to modernise technology? Or also your processes, your team's mindset and your organisation?

  5. Your new solution is for tomorrow – not for yesterday! Learn what that means in practice

  6. What is the most effective project scope and what is the best way to prevent 'scope creep'?

  7. How will you measure afterwards whether you've achieved your business goals?

Small break

5. What is the impact on your company culture and your DNA?

  1. What is organisational change management and why is it of crucial importance for your project success?

  2. How can you break down your internal silos and improve the internal and external co-operation?

  3. How can you bring your organisation into the 'change mode' - including your senior management?

  4. Communication is key! The do's and don'ts of your project name, your project kick-off and your ongoing communication

  5. Who in your management team will be the project sponsor? How do you prepare him/her for this important task?

  6. What is the most effective project culture? And how do you achieve that level?

  7. As leaders and managers, you are the role models for effective behavior in this project. Are you ready for that?

6. These are the conditions for success

  1. A resume of this day in 5 steps

  2. Wrap-up and defining follow-up actions

All Masterclasses start at 9:30 am and end at 5 pm.

Scheduled ERP Transformation Masterclass

ERP Transformation Masterclass

19 juni 2024




ERP Transformation Masterclass

26 juni 2024




ERP Transformation Masterclass

25 september 2024



Hamburg, Germany