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Guus Krabbenborg

Business Trainer

Guus Krabbenborg is a highly-experienced business trainer, consultant and presenter with a well-earned reputation in the international ERP arena. He has been active in the world of business software for over 30 years.

About Image

Guus has been delivering his famous Masterclasses to many hundreds of customers and implementation partners all across Europe since 2005.

During the last 10 years with a particular attention to digital transformation and change management.

With the launch of this new website, he is offering his Masterclasses directly to end users for the first time.

Guus is successful author of a number of books on how to achieve project success in ERP and CRM projects and in Digital Transformation initiatives.

His books are available in several languages and are used by many leading implementation partners all over the world to inspire and educate their customers. 

Finally, Guus is a frequent speaker at various international ERP and CRM events. He delivers his presentations and Masterclasses in three languages, being English, German and Dutch - his mother tongue.

His approach and presentation style are perceived as inspiring, creative and provocative – but always entertaining.