Increase your chance of

ERP Project Success!

These days, profit or loss can be determined by good use of reliable and flexible ERP software. A growing number of analysts state that result of your digital transformation initiatives will ultimately make the difference between a healthy future and a possible dropout.


Your challenge

Unfortunately, the choice of an appropriate solution set and the right implementation partner is anything but easy! Investments are significant and there is a high risk of failure. And choices, once made, cannot be easily changed due to the large financial and organizational impact.

On top of that: ERP projects are also increasingly organizational change projects, which does not make it any easier.

For this reason, your selection must lead to a good choice in one go! 


Fact is that most organisations are quite inexperienced in selecting and implementing ERP systems. After all, most organizations only do this every 8 to 10 years. And most professionals carry this responsibility only 1 or 2 times in their career. It is therefore quite logical that you run the risk of overlooking important matters. To underestimate certain topics. Or to even make mistakes. 

Potential damage

Do you have any idea of the qualitative and quantitative damage if your implementation unexpectedly fails? And have you wondered who should be blamed for this failure?

As always, a good preparation is half the battle. And that is exactly where I can help you!

Main topics

These Masterclasses focus on you and your organisation. On your team, your strategy and your business goals. On your processes and your data. On your current and future customers. On your company culture, resistance and change processes. And on how tech can help you differentiate from your competitors.

We don't talk much about ERP software and functionality. And I will only talk about vendors when you bring it up.

Vendor agnostic

These Masterclasses are completely vendor and technology independent.  

Two different Masterclasses

This website offers two different Masterclasses that will help you (better) prepare for project success.

  • The Selection Masterclass has a specific focus on selecting and contracting the best ERP solution and the best possible implementation partner for your project.

  • The Transformation Masterclass supports you and your management team in the implementation process and the corresponding cultural and organisational change processes.

Three languages and two formats

I offer the two Masterclass editions in three different languages, being English, German and Dutch. And you can choose from two different formats, being online and on-location in a limited number of countries.

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I hope to see you soon!



Guus Krabbenborg